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Meet Jeff Gottlieb

Jeffrey Gottlieb has been a naturalist since he was 4 years old.

Learning about the Earth and living closer to it has driven his entire career. 

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Jeff believes that our connection to the living Earth is crucial, and teaches the skills needed to live in closer touch with all living things. Wilderness Survival is mostly not about guts, firepower or luck, but requires knowledge, practice, awareness and positive attitude. These skills are fun, educational and accessible to everyone, and they will change your life for the better in many ways. Mastering a survival skill makes us more self reliant, which improves confidence. This makes us believe that other types of challenges can be met and solved as well. Having a “bag of tricks” and a track record of success reduces worry and stress. Stay safe, comfortable, happy and healthy in the outdoors.


Jeff goes to the woods not to “rough it”, but to “smooth it”, believing that many of us have it rough enough in town, at our jobs, etc. He seeks communion, education, enjoyment, creative outlet and peace, becoming a member of the community of all life.


His mission is to interpret ecology and foster nature connection for students of all ages through survival skills and traditional arts. He believes this is best accomplished by leading students through guided hands-on experiences. This could be done while tracking animals, making fire from available forest materials, watching wildlife, making baskets from wild collected vines, preparing and tasting wild edible plants or learning to process one’s own meat animals from forest or farm to table.


An important piece of this task is to mentor adults who are seeking to learn a deeper connection between themselves and the living Earth. Jeff invites applicants interested in informal internships in these skills and life ways. He prioritizes communication and community collaboration.

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