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Educational Offerings

Workshops can be half-day, full-day or multi-day experiences.

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I offer workshops for the following populations:

Staff Training

I come to your site and present hands-on experiences. Your staff gets usable lesson plans and practice in conducting the included activities for later work with students, campers or public visitors. They also have a lot of fun and make cool projects to take home!



Classes and Public Workshops

Your organization publicizes and handles registration. You provide the site, any needed insurance, and collect fees from students. I can be paid by percentage of collected fees or at my standard rate.

Children's Programs

Same details as above. Generally I ask for additional staff members to help with logistics. I do programs for schools, nature centers, camps, libraries, church groups and homeschool groups.

Look at the calendar for notices of open enrollment

classes being offered by our clients



Half-day programs and workshops:   $300

Full-day:                                                     $450

Multi-day experiences:                          $400 per day

There are added charges for travel and possibly lodging if the site is over 2 hours from our location in Western North Carolina.


I offer a sliding fee scale for groups needing financial consideration. Just ask!



Click here to contact me for  further interest or inquiries. 

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